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Frequently Asked Questions If you have a question that is not answered on this page, please contact us and let us know what you're thinking.  re owning land in Ireland 

  1. What is the idea behind
  The site was set up to allow the millions of people around the world who regard themselves as Irish or of Irish decent the opportunity to purchase their very own piece of Ireland. 

  2. Does the sale comply with legislation?
  Yes, it has taken the Principals just over twelve months to satisfy all legal requirements. Each order comes complete with an official certificate of ownership and a comprehensive legal deed of assurance which sets out the contractual details and legalities of your purchase, along with the terms and conditions. Prior to your purchase and indeed afterwards we are here to answer any questions or queries you have. Offering a full money back guarantee give you the extra piece of mind.

  3. Will I really be the owner the plot of land?
  Yes, 100%. Once you purchase a plot(s)you are the legal owner of that property. We do not hold the land 'in trust' for you - you are the actual owner of the property. There are certain terms and conditions to your ownership, for example you are not allowed to build anything on your property, because this would spoil the untouched natural beauty of the County Roscommon countrysde. You are very welcome to visit your property whenever and as often as you choose.  

  4. Do I get freehold or leasehold ownership of the land?
  The land that is selling is not freehold, but is not simply a 20 year leasehold either. There are two main reasons for this:  

  i.      With numerous people owning the different plots of land, and visiting their plots, if we sold freehold ownership then landowners could compromise the untouched natural beauty of the area by erecting flag poles, digging large holes, etc. Every landowner should be free to enjoy their land in its natural rural setting, so we have to restrict what people do on their plot in order for this to be possible. 

ii.     The 20 year leasehold ownership that we sell is renewable AT NO CHARGE after 20 years, and again indefinitely after that in periods of 20 years. The aim is not to restrict the term of ownership to 20 years, but to work within the limitations of the leasehold ownership laws. Every landowner will be emailed when their 20 year term is approaching and ask them to renew their leasehold by confirming they wish to do so, free of charge.

  5. What size is each US$59.99 plot?
  They are all 12 inches by 12 inches (30.5 cms x 30.5 cmc). If you wish to purchase more than the one plot at the one time we can give you adjoining plots if that is your wish. If you require more than five plots contact us first for our bulk discount.  

  6. How long does it take to process each order?
  All documentation is sent from Ireland by priority airmail. THere is NO CHARGE for delivery.  Most customers should receive their personalised owner pack, photographs etc inside ten day, but this can vary. We suggest allowing up to three weeks for delivery. If required urgently FedEx Next Business Day shipping which takes 24-72 hours depending on the day the order is placed can be arranged (note however weekend delivery is not available).

  7. Can I purchase adjoining plots of land?
  Yes. Should you order more than the one plot at one time we will assume you wish these adjoining unless you tell us otherwise.

  8. How long will I own the land?
  Indefinitely. To comply with the law here in Ireland it is necessary to initially give you 20 year leasehold ownership of the land, however you can renew this lease at no charge after 20 years, and indefinitely after this, again at no charge. We encourage all owners to renew their lease forever. Full details are contained in the legal documentation we send you with your order, and in the terms and conditions.  

  9. Will there be any hidden charges?
  No, none, never. Once you buy your plot you will never have to pay us another cent, ever. The Irish Government does not charge a property tax, unlike in some other countries such as the US. The initial purchase price is therefore the only outlay you have to own your own plot in Ireland..  

  10. Where is the land located?
  The property is situated in historic County Roscommon - in the heart of the beautiful green Irish countryside, right in the middle of Ireland. It is approximately 75 miles from Dublin City, 140 miles from Cork City, 50 miles from Galway City and 140 miles from Belfast. It is easily accessible by car, and owners are encouraged to visit their property if they have the chance. Comprehensive directions are included with every order.  

  11. What happens if disappears?
  We are not planning to go anywhere, but in the unlikely event of us going out of business, you can be assured that your deed documents and certificate of ownership confirm legal ownership of the property in you, and as such you will always have a legal right of ownership to the land. When we sell some of our land to you it is no longer considered one of our assets, and as such cannot be sold off by our creditors in this situation.  

  12. What size is the package I receive when I place an order?
  All the documentation and photographs are sent in a standard A4 sized, strong, boardback envelope. The outside of the package is marked 'Please Do Not Bend' to ensure the contents are not damaged. The package contains the following: a certificate of ownership (1 page), deed documentation (3 pages), directions to the property (1 page) as well as 2 photographs. The certificate, deeds and directions are all standard A4 size, and the photographs are standard 6x4". It will be easy to find a suitable frame in which to present the entire package to the lucky recipient/land owner!  

  13. Are payments made on secure?
  Yes. All credit card payments are processed via PayPal (we are a PayPal Verified Merchant) using a 128 bit SSL connection to encrypt your details before they are sent over the internet. We accept payment using PayPal and all the cards below. 

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